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Open the window and look out at the emerald-green East China Sea.
Enjoy the moment of relaxation as you breathe in the scent of the ocean and the pleasant sea breeze.

Charms of our Hotel

Beyond the green grass lie white sand and the emerald-green sea with the white clouds floating in the blue sky.
「Miyuki Hamabaru Resort」is filled with the charms of Okinawa, and is a phenomenal resort space.
Enjoy the finest beach activities and relax in the beauty of the great nature. Sense the Ryukyu culture created by gentle, caring hearts. All of these wishes will be granted.

Guest Rooms

Open the window that overlooks the emerald-green East China Sea, relax as you take in the scent of the ocean and the pleasant sea breeze.


In the summer time, Barbeque is the most popular! Enjoy spending dinner time with family and friends.


The menu consists of Japanese and Western Style Buffet.
Guests who do not have the breakfast package may also enjoy the restaurant, please feel free to ask any of our staff.

Marine Sports

Not only is there diving and snorkelling, but also there is an abundance of activities, such as Sea Kayaking and Marine Jet. With “Safety First” as our motto, we will provide all of our guests’ needs.
You can count on us to make your vacation in Okinawa a memorable one!

Just bring your swim suit and towel!

Facilities are complete! Restrooms and warm showers! Parking is also free.
A variety of deck chairs and floats to rent! Feel free to ask any of our beach house staff. They will always greet you with a refreshing smile!


1314, YAHUSO,ONNA-SON, KUNIGAMI-GUN, OKINAWA,904-0402, JAPAN  Phone:+(81)98 967 7722